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TELOS Learning Across Boundaries Symposium

Please join the TELOS Initiative and FamLAB for a special symposium on Learning Across Boundaries on Wednesday, Nov 8th from 5:30 - 8 pm. Includes a reception with light refreshments..
8 November 2017
CERAS Learning Hall

Children’s learning experiences in home, school, and community settings are often disconnected from one another, and this challenge particularly affects those who are already under-served. How might learning be better linked to support children’s development? How are some communities innovating to address this persistent challenge and how can digital technologies contribute toward solutions? This session will present ongoing national research by members of the FamLAB project (Families Learning Across Boundaries) and examples of practice from Remake Learning, Pittburgh.

CSET's Pondering Excellence in Teaching

Jennifer Langer-Osuna, PhD Assistant Professor Center to Support Excellence in Teaching Stanford Graduate School of Education
15 November 2017

CSET's Pondering Excellence in Teaching

Equity Focused STEM Initiative
13 December 2017

Leading STEM in a large urban district, it is about every child; it is not about boutique programs.  SFUSD has moved boldly over the past 4 years to make certain that the STEM fields are available all SFUSD graduates.  This has meant changing policies, curriculum, and learning structures for students and staff.  Historically, the ethnicity and gender of students who pursued STEM studies could be easily predicted; SFUSD is working to disrupt this fact by making computer science a compulsory subject PK-8, de-tracking math classes through high school geometry, and reforming science to a class

Pondering Excellence in Teaching

What Does it Take to Respond to Student Thinking in the Moment? Supporting Teacher Learning of Responsive Instructional Practices
17 January 2018

Much of teaching is improvisational. While teachers can anticipate common misconceptions or the ideas that may emerge during instruction, they cannot plan for every interaction or question. Teachers must draw on their own expertise to respond to the specific student thinking that surfaces in daily classroom discussion. What does it take to respond to students thinking in productive ways, when doing so cannot be planned for in advance? How do we support teachers learning to respond so that they build on students’ thinking as it emerges?

The Russian Revolution

Designed for middle school, high school, and community college history teachers. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.  Thank you for your interest.
2 February 2018

Join Stanford scholars in an extraordinary exploration of the 1917 Russian Revolution.  This course includes museum and archival visits, a period film screening with Q and A, a vibrant academic lecture, and content specific pedagogical support to make all of what you learn accessible and relevant to your students.

Pondering Excellence in Teaching

Chemistry for Social Justice: A Disciplinary Perspective on Social Justice Teaching
28 February 2018

Migration, Immigration, and Refugees

An upcoming 3-day course that invites teachers of grades 6-14 into the study of global migration.  Additional details to come!
27 April 2018
Stanford University

Stanford's Center to Support Excellence in Teaching and Stanford Global Studies are proud to announce their latest collaboration: an upcoming 3-day course that invites teachers of grades 6-14 into the study of global migration, including historical patterns and reasons for migration, as well as why and how migration has been the norm throughout most of human history. The course will be offered April 27-29, 2018 and includes two instructor-facilitated virtual learning community sessions that will occur early this fall. Details to come!

Nanoscience Summer Institute for Middle School Teachers

Bring nanoscience to your classroom! Applications due January 31, 2018
25 June 2018
Stanford University

Upcoming Institute Abroad

Summer 2018:  "History of the Americas: Mexican Revolution & Nation-Building" in Mexico City, Mexico