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CSET Events

CSET's Pondering Excellence in Teaching

Supporting Science Discourse and Argumentation in Elementary Classrooms
4 October 2017

Despite the extensive knowledge base on effective teacher professional development (TPD), the field still lacks an adequate understanding of how teachers implement knowledge from TPD experiences. In this presentation I will share a case study of four teachers who participated in a TPD program focused on supporting classroom discourse and argumentation in elementary science. In order to understand changes in teacher practice, three years of classroom videos were analyzed for talk formats and moves that facilitate productive science discussions.

Stanford Teaching Festival

Summer workshops & yearlong learning communities
31 July 2017
Stanford University

Connecting teachers from around the globe to share and grow in teaching excellence. The Stanford Teaching Festival (STF) aims to bring together teachers from varied classrooms and contexts worldwide. Teachers participate in a common, in-person, high-quality professional learning experience over the summer, and are provided with the resources, tools, and support to engage and grow with one another in meaningful learning communities throughout the school year.

Designed for grades 7 - 12 life science and biology teachers

Stanford Institute on Islam

Key Concepts in the Study of Islam
22 April 2017
Stanford University