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Choose Your Own Learning Adventure

Develop personalized action plans based on STEM, NGSS, and Common Core best practices

By June 2016, participants will have been exposed to a set of effective instructional practices, and will gain the tools necessary to enact one specific best practice within a personalized action plan moving forward.

Course Description: 

Effective math and science teachers inspire students to think deeply about mathematical and scientific concepts. In this course, 6-12th grade teachers from a broad range of science and math disciplines will assess, reflect on, and improve their enactment of best instructional practices for math and science. Participants will engage with best, or "core," teaching practices that specify what teachers along a spectrum of expertise do to enhance student learning. Throughout the year, participants will develop personalized action plans to grow with respect to a focal practice.

Keywords: mathematics, science, STEM, NGSS, Common Core, best practices, action plan

Audience: 6-8 Teachers, 9-12 Teachers Duration: Monthly, 2015-2016 School Year
Format of Course: Blended (Face-to-Face and Online) Cost: $200
Units: 2 Status: Open

Location: Stanford University

Course Facilitators: 

Megan TaylorDr. Megan W. Taylor is the visiting Associate Director of CSET, focused on several special projects. She is the mathematics design and instructional lead for the Hollyhock Fellowship Program for High School Teachers, as well as the facilitator of a collaboration between CSET and Trellis Education an organization Dr. Taylor founded focused on a long-term model for STEM teacher education and support in California. Dr. Taylor is visiting from her faculty position at Sonoma State University in the department of Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education. Dr. Taylor taught middle and high school math in the Bay Area and is nationally board certified in secondary mathematics. She earned a BS in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, an MA and PhD in Mathematics Education from Stanford University, and did a postdoctoral fellowship in the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She lives with her family in San Francisco.

Sharon ParkerSharon Parker serves as a Professional Development Associate and Instructional Science Coach for the Hollyhock Fellowship in the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET). In this capacity, she supports science fellows through summertime professional development and continues that support throughout the year via online coaching. Ms. Parker’s 24 years of experience includes being an instructional science coach for a charter management organization, former co-founder of a middle/high school and community science center in the Bay Area, and teaching high-needs students in a Bay Area public high school. She holds a BS in Biological Sciences from California State University East Bay (formerly Hayward) and a teaching credential in Biology and Physical Science from Mills College.

Lynne Zummo

Lynne Zummo is a PhD student in Science Curriculum and Teacher Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her research investigates a range of topics, from the integration of environmental education into traditional science classrooms to teacher education through learnable core practices. Her most recent project explored the use of flipped classroom technology in high school Biology classrooms. Prior to Stanford, Lynne taught 9th grade Earth Systems Science for several years in Washington, DC. She earned a BA from Middlebury College and an MS in Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College.