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1/28 Megan W. Taylor - Enacting the “Gold Standard” in Teacher Education and Professional Development: What are We Waiting For?


January 28, 2015 


CERAS 527 

We are at a rare point in history when there is widespread agreement among teacher educators and across research in teacher education about how to create exceptional, ambitious, and resilient teachers. Yet the number of people choosing to enter the profession each year continues to decline, and teacher turnover is alarming, especially in high-need schools and in disciplines like mathematics and science. Furthermore, debates about the definition, generators, and measures of teacher effectiveness fill the media and polarize key stakeholders. Perhaps now more than ever is the time to ask the $24,000 question: if we know effective ways to recruit, train, support, develop, and retain exceptional teachers, why aren’t we doing it? 

Dr. Megan W. Taylor is an Assistant Professor of Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education at Sonoma State University and the visiting Associate Director of the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching at Stanford University. She is the founder of CalCorps, a Bay Area organization building the first, long-term, research-based, practice-focused model for teacher education and professional learning, focused on STEM teachers in California. Megan was a middle and high school math teacher in public schools in the Bay Area before earning her doctorate at Stanford University and doing a postdoctoral fellowship in the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She lives with her family in San Francisco. 

Click here to listen to Megan Taylor's talk. 


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