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CSET's Pondering Excellence in Teaching

Equity Focused STEM Initiative

Leading STEM in a large urban district, it is about every child; it is not about boutique programs.  SFUSD has moved boldly over the past 4 years to make certain that the STEM fields are available all SFUSD graduates.  This has meant changing policies, curriculum, and learning structures for students and staff.  Historically, the ethnicity and gender of students who pursued STEM studies could be easily predicted; SFUSD is working to disrupt this fact by making computer science a compulsory subject PK-8, de-tracking math classes through high school geometry, and reforming science to a class where students answer their own questions.  This work is not about new curricula and professional development; to make shifts of this nature, values and beliefs must also enter into the work.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 - 4:30pm