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Florencia Gomez Zaccarelli

Postdoctoral Scholar


Florencia Gomez Zaccarelli is a postdoctoral researcher at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.  She works on the Problem-Solving Cycle for math teacher leaders in San Francisco and the Improving Practice Together program in science with the Santa Clara Unified School District. She is also an assistant professor at the School of Education in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her research focuses on teacher learning, professional development, collaborative learning mediated by technology, and research methodologies that involve developing sustainable innovations in collaboration with practitioners.

CSET Publications

Fishman, Evan J., Borko, H., Osborne J., Gomez Zaccarelli, F., Rafanelli, S., Reigh, E., Tseng A., Million, S., Berson, E. (2017).  A Practice-Based Professional Development Program to Support Scientific Argumentation From Evidence in the Elementary Classroom.  Journal of Science Teacher Education. doi: 10.1080/1046560X.2017.1302727

Ehsanipour, T., & Gomez Zaccarelli, F. (2017). Exploring Coaching for Powerful Technology Use in Education (pp. 1–18). California, USA: Digital Promise. Retrieved from Digital Promise

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