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Stanford Teaching Festival

July 31 - August 4, 2017

Connecting teachers from around the globe to share and grow in teaching excellence. The Stanford Teaching Festival (STF) aims to bring together teachers from varied classrooms and contexts worldwide. Teachers participate in a common, in-person, high-quality professional learning experience over the summer, and are provided with the resources, tools, and support to engage and grow with one another in meaningful learning communities throughout the school year.

2017 Stanford Teaching Festival Courses

English Language Arts & History/Social Studies

     Reading & Teaching Complex Texts 4-12 ELA Teachers 
     Practice techniques such as anchoring, reading role plays, and conducting reading conferences.

    SOLD OUT! Core Practices for Inquiry-based History Teaching 6-12 History Teachers & Social Studies Methods Course Teachers
     Focus on four instructional practices central to inquiry-based history instruction.

     First World War in a Global Context 6-12 History & Social Studies Teachers
     Hear Stanford scholars share WWI perspectives from around the globe and develop teaching resources around this topic. 

     History of the Americas: Mexican Revolution & Nation-Building 6-12 History & Social Studies Teachers
     Explore topic recently added to the California K-12 history curriculum framework with Stanford scholars 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

     Constructing and Critiquing Mathematical Arguments 6-12 Math Teachers
     Help students construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others' mathematical arguments.

     Logic is Fundamental 9-12 Science and Math Teachers
     Work with Stanford Math and Computer Science professors to make logic accessible to high school students through a curriculum they have developed for students.

     ChemEx2: Chemistry Experiences and Experiments for Learning 9-12 Chemistry Teachers
     Develop student-centered chemistry instruction that uses hands-on experiences to promote curiosity and the ability to make evidence-based claims.

     Engaging Future Engineers 6-12 Science Teachers
     Learn about a simple engineering design model and apply it to multiple engineering design challenges that can be used in class.

     Geoscape Bay Area or Earth Science Teachers 6-12 Science Teachers
     Learn about current scientific research and understanding of the local geoscape.


     Understanding Accomplished Teaching All Subjects and Grade Levels
     Explore the National Board Standards to understand what accomplished teaching looks like in your field and develop a clear picture of what you're doing and need to do.

Registration opens for all courses Tuesday, Jan 17, 4:00p PT, and closes Monday, Jul 17, 11:59p PT.