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The Art in Literacy: The Common Core Standards and In-Depth Learning Through Arts Integration

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Susan Freeman, visual artist, poet, and teacher educator, leads professional development programs in arts integration and literacy in Northern California. She was a K-5 classroom teacher and mentor in the Pájaro Valley USD for nearly 20 years, where she designed and led school-wide programs in writing and the arts for ELLs. Susan teaches arts and aesthetic education courses in Stanford University’s STEP Program and UC Santa Cruz; with the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute (BATTI) and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education.

Intended for Elementary teachers of all subjects and Middle School Language Arts teachers

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The Art in Literacy: The Common Core Standards and In-Depth Learning Through Arts Integration
Course Description: This highly interactive 4-day course invites K-8 teachers to experience the Visual and Performing Arts as a powerful force for in-depth learning, inquiry, and community building in the classroom, especially for English Language Learners. In hands-on sessions, we will “read” and make meaning of art as text, explore the ways in which the Arts improve students’ comprehension as readers and writers, and learn how artistic thinking informs the Common Core. In the process, we’ll develop lessons and materials you can take back to your classroom. The Arts teach students to use their imaginations and senses to understand complex ideas, to solve problems with multiple solutions, and to see the world from multiple perspectives. Join us in the art studio to experience the joy of learning in and through the Arts, and discover new opportunities for making creative connections with the Common Core across the curriculum.
When young people are involved with the Arts in the classroom, something changes in their lives. Their engagement, commitment, and enthusiasm for learning soars. Their understanding of complex concepts and ability to achieve academically often increases. The Arts also open up powerful pathways to the Common Core State Standards, helping all students develop the critical thinking and creative skills vital to learning and living in the 21st Century.