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PRACTISE | Practicum Academy to Improve Science Education

Learning to teach in new ways means acquiring new ways of acting and behaving in the classroom. Our knowledge about the effectiveness of different models of professional development for helping teachers implement new pedagogical practices, however, remains limited. Now, with a four-year, $2.7 million DRK-12 Collaborative Research award from the NSF, CSET faculty members Jonathan Osborne and Hilda Borko, in conjunction with the Lawrence Hall of Science, will examine the efficacy of an innovative model of science professional development for third- through fifth-grade teachers. The model, developed by Lawrence Hall of Science, provides opportunities for teacher to practice new skills. The research will focus on the impact of professional development on teachers and students in a diverse, urban school district with students underrepresented in STEM.

Watch the PRACTISE project's video about practicum-based professional development.

This project is led by Jonathan Osborne and Hilda Borko, in collaboration with the Lawrence Hall of Science, and is funded by the National Science Foundation (2012-2016).