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Pondering Excellence Videos

November 15, 2017
Jennifer M. Langer-Osuna, PhD
Identity and Learning in Collaborative Math Classrooms: Fostering Inclusion and Productivity
October 4, 2017
Florencia Gomez Zaccarelli, PhD
Supporting Science Discourse and Argumentation in Elementary Classrooms
June 6, 2017
Shane Safir
Listening: The Kew to Creating Equitable Schools
May 24, 2017
Problem-Solving Cycle Team
All Students and Teachers as Math Learners: A Partnership to Refine and Implement Two Interconnected Models
March 14, 2017
Mary Hauser; Mike Metz, PhD; Sarah Schneider Kavanagh, PhD
Practicing Responsiveness
December 14, 2016
G Reyes, PhD
Get Woke: Moving from ‘It’s Whatever’ to Dangerous Teacher Development
November 16, 2016
Edit Khachatryan, PhD
Strengthening the Feedback on Teaching