About CSET

Our Approach

Social Justice at the Center

Keeping social justice at the center of instructional improvement and teacher leadership means using research-based approaches for professional learning experiences that focus on developing cultural competencies, strengthening one’s ability to communicate and work effectively across cultural lines, and examining the ways in which power and privilege benefit or harm learners.

Our research studies, partnership activities, and professional learning experiences acknowledge the complexity of keeping social justice at the center. Examining instruction, curriculum, school structures and policies, and personal beliefs are all included in this kind of work.

Instructional Improvement

CSET uses a practice-based approach to instructional improvement. As a result we focus on core practices and content deepening with an emphasis on improving student outcomes.

It takes time and commitment to change teacher practice. Our approach to the work reflects this reality. We structure our professional learning experiences to include face-to-face experiences, support during the school year through PLC work, content clusters, or video based coaching.

Teacher Leadership

At CSET, we believe that teachers can be empowered to practice real change that will benefit learning and teaching in schools.

CSET equips teachers with the leadership practices necessary to lead instructional improvements in their settings. Specifically, we empower teachers to be leaders in the profession by:

  1. Advocating for equitable learning opportunities for all students.
  2. Understanding transformational learning in their contexts and making strategic choices to support it.
  3. Engaging others in professional learning focused on high-leverage, equitable teaching practices.
  4. Designing learning experiences for adult learners that provide a supportive environment to test new teaching practices.