CSET Social Justice Framework

In order to keep our work aligned to our values, we use the following grounding statement to guide our work: 

At CSET, we operate from the belief that education is a conduit for social justice. We believe in equitable access and opportunities for all learners. We believe in pedagogy that is humanizing, culturally sustaining, critical, and liberatory. We believe that all students, particularly those who have been historically marginalized, have a right to a quality education that provides opportunities for them to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to a more just world. 

CSET has  developed a dynamic Social Justice Framework to guide and define our work. This framework comprises four quadrants that include guiding principles to support the development of a meaningful social justice stance. We use the ideas in each quadrant to examine ourselves and how we approach our work as well as to guide the design of our professional learning and research projects. In the figure below you can see the quadrants and key ideas associated with each.