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Instructional Leadership Using a Core Practices Approach

Foundational Institutes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these courses will be offered VIRTUALLY in a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous learning with an additional 4 mentoring sessions to be scheduled during the following school year. Click HERE to learn more about our approach to robust online professional learning experiences.

Course Details

The goal of the Instructional Leaders Institute is to introduce school leaders to our practice-based approach to professional learning and engage them in learning experiences that will help them support and build teacher capacity in their own school contexts.  Over the course of the school year, participants will have multiple opportunities to participate in virtual whole group sessions that will provide continuous learning experiences that will build on what they have learned over the summer.  These sessions will focus on supporting participants in applying what they have learned back at their schools, provide new learning based on what participants need, and will also maintain the professional community that they have developed over the course of the program.

Program Goals:
The overall program will empower school leaders to:
  • Engage others in professional learning focused on high-leverage, equitable teaching practices.
  • Design learning experiences for adult learners that provide a supportive environment to try out and integrate new teaching practices.
  • Center the human experience of all teachers and students with whom they work.
  • Understand transformational learning in their contexts and make strategic choices to support it.

Tentative Schedule:

We are thrilled that we'll have participants from around the world!  To accommodate all time zones, participants should hold the hours of 5pm - 9pm PST each day for synchronous institute activities.  Rest assured that we won't have you on whole-group virtual learning for four hours straight!  This time also includes breaks and breakout sessions.  Participants should also plan on about 90 minutes of asynchronous work between sessions.

Date and time

July 25, 2021 - July 29, 2021


Remote Learning


$2500 USD.