CSET Professional Learning

Cohort 3

Meet our 2020-2022 Wipro Fellows

[Photo of Adrian Tamayo sitting next to a statue of Mark Twain on a bench]
Adrian Tamayo
[Photo of Alex Johnson]
Alex Johnson
Photo of Amanda Lim
Amanda Lim
[Photo of Brittney O'Brien with the coast in the background]
Brittney O'Brien
[Photo of Chelsea Alvarez]
Chelsea Alvarez
[photo of Elizabeth Reiff]
Elizabeth Reiff
[Photo of Emily Stollmeyer on the coast]
Emily Stollmeyer
[photo of Gargi Verma]
Gargi Verma
[photo of Jaclyn Diaz]
Jaclyn Diaz
[photo of Jenny DeGraaff in the desert]
Jenny DeGraaff
[photo of Jessica Paulsen]
Jessica Paulsen
[photo of Julie McKinley Reed]
Julie McKinley Reed
[photo of Laura Spanier]
Laura Spanier
[photo of Margaret Poor]
Margaret Poor
[photo of Mithril Cox]
Mithril Cox
[photo of Nick Guttadauro]
Nick Guttadauro
[photo of Robert Coverdell-Meneses]
Robert Coverdell-Meneses
[photo of Sarah Huggins]
Sarah Huggins
[photo of Sierra Vance]
Sierra Vance
[photo of Stacey Rader]
Stacey Rader
[photo of Stephanie Yue]
Stephanie Yue
[photo of Thomas Fulwiler]
Thomas Fulwiler
[photo of Tori Lanterman]
Tori Lanterman
[photo of Yichang Liu]
Yichang Liu