Pondering Excellence

CSET’s Pondering Excellence in Teaching speaker series is an opportunity for the general public and Stanford’s academic community to hear research-based talks from faculty, staff experts, and students that provoke thinking and encourage dialogue on what excellent teaching means.  Check out our latest talks below.

What Makes Difficult History Difficult? Lessons Drawn from Teaching the Holocaust in Poland
Magdalena Gross, PhD
November 28, 2018
(Re)Thinking Mathematical Groupwork: Suggestions from Middle School Students
Anthony Villa
October 17, 2018
Stimulating Classroom Inquiry through Teacher PD
Michiel Voet, PhD
May 16, 2018
Using Classroom Video to Enhance Teacher Learning
Melissa Scheve and Lynne Zummo
May 10, 2018
Creating the Next Generation of Problem Solvers: How the Learning Sciences Can Shape Computational Thinking and CS Education
Shuchi Grover, PhD
April 11, 2018
Chemistry for Social Justice: A Disciplinary Perspective on Social Justice Teaching
Sara Dozier, Emily Reigh, Kathryn Ribay
February 28, 2018