Teaching to Meet the Moment

A practitioner-focused conversation and podcast series open to all.

Tuesdays starting January 12 @ 4:00 PM PST.

Each 30-45 minute episode features co-hosts Professor Michael Hines and Nicole Lusiani Elliott as well as practicing teachers or a doctoral student to facilitate the conversation. We hope you join us!

The work of educators has never been harder. Over the past year, the global pandemic has shaken the very core of public education. In addition, we continue to see the deeply entrenched legacies of structural and systematic racism and massive inequality in our schools, as we strive to prepare students who see the connections between movements for racial, economic, health, and environmental justice, and who are prepared to lead in each.  

In this new webinar series and podcast from the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching at Stanford University, we set out to understand how education is changing from the bottom up in this moment, by talking to a range of stakeholders, from teachers and teacher educators to experts from the academy, to innovators and activists on the front lines of change. In each episode, we’ll tackle a theme, talk to a guest or two, and provide takeaways and resources to spark continuing conversation and inform action. At a time when educators are feeling isolated and many school communities are fragmented, we see this as a chance to build not just a community of practice, but a community of care.

Our first season revolves how we adapt to the current moment, not simply to make it through, but to reimagine what education looks like, build community, and continue to advance our values even under circumstances that are far from ideal.

Together with you, we will: 

  • Highlight just and liberating experiences for education,
  • Connect research and practice in service of meaningful learning,
  • Create community among educators, 
  • And, share practical takeaways for the classroom.

Episode 3 | Culturally Sustaining Content | January 26 @ 4 PM PST

Featuring our guests:

Lauren Beal, a student-driven, enthusiastic, and dedicated Social Science teacher who is committed to inquiry-based learning that connects the past to the present.
Vielka Hoy, a 20 year veteran of the classroom as well as CEO and Founder of Bridge to College, a data analytics company that matches students to colleges that are a financial, social, and academic fit. @VielkaCecilia @FindCollegeFit
Lydia McClanahan, a 20 year veteran teacher as well as lead instructional coach at the Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning. She also curates Responsive Reads, a newsletter, that illuminates diverse authors and culturally authentic texts. Pinterest and IG @responsivereads

Episode 2 | Community is Possible | January 19

Featuring our guests:

Lisa Kelly, a 10 year public school teacher in Oakland and Berkeley 
Dr. Micia Mosely, Founder and Director of the Black Teacher Project 
Sandra Velásquez, Innovative Learning & Technology Integration Coordinator for the STEAM Center at the San Mateo County Office of Education.

Episode 1 | Staying True to Our Values | January 12

Featuring our guests:

Margaret Ramsey, Menlo School
Ami Reif, Buffalo Grove High School
Jessica Stoval, Doctoral Student, Stanford GSE

Our podcast is coming soon! Check this page for links which will arrive in early February.