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Candice Kim (they/them) is a dual-degree MD/PhD in Education candidate at Stanford School of Medicine and Graduate School of Education. They hold a BS and MS in Biology from Stanford University. They have received the Stanford Graduate Fellowship (SGF), Stanford Law School Public-Service Leadership Grant, and Stanford Ethics, Society & Technology Hub Research Grant. As a queer, non-binary, Person of Color, they are deeply passionate about creating institutional change to support multiply marginalized students in higher education. To this end, their research focuses on operationalizing Disability Critical Race Theory (DisCrit) to examine the systemic processes that push out multiply marginalized Students of Color from the medical education trajectory—and highlight the radical forms of resistance and resilience they enact to persist. Candice has spent the last decade developing curricula and teaching in higher education, particularly undergraduate STEM courses and medical school classes. They previously served as a Lead Learning Consultant for the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) Academic Skills Program, Graduate Writing Tutor for the Hume Center, and Residential Academic Director and Co-Instructor for the Leland Scholars Program (LSP). They are currently a Lead Fellow for the CTL Leadership in Inclusive Teaching (LIT) Program.