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Lauren Beal

Instructional History Coach and Social Science and Ethnic Studies Teacher, Edison High School - Fresno

Lauren Beal is a Hollyhock Instructional History Coach and student-driven Social Science and Ethnic Studies teacher committed to inquiry-based learning. While teaching at Edison High School in southwest Fresno, CA, Lauren spearheaded the introduction of Ethnic Studies by championing the African American Studies course. African American Studies was a brainchild of Lauren’s school teamwork project as a 2017 Hollyhock Fellow. Lauren shares a passion for teacher activism as one of the means to attain educational justice. This path led her to becoming a piloting member of the Fresno Ethnic Studies Coalition. Fresno ESC successfully engaged in community to establish Ethnic Studies courses across Fresno Unified School District. Lauren’s core pedagogical philosophy includes a culturally sustaining classroom to foster equitable curriculum, learning practices, strategies, and outcomes.