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Preetha Menon

Academic Program Professional

Dr. Preetha Menon is a lead researcher at CSET. Her work involves supporting students, educators, and administrators in the simultaneous development of language and content among traditionally underserved students with a focus on multilingual learners. Dr. Menon serves on a couple of projects supported by the GATES foundation. She is currently involved in mixed-methods research efforts and producing a variety of resources and practices for schools and districts for content and language learning. Preetha is also creating curriculum materials in science and professional development materials for designing classroom-based science assessments accessible for multilingual learners. She worked as a post-doctoral scholar at UL-SCALE at Stanford, where she created NGSS aligned performance assessments and developed a framework to attend to the language demands of assessments. She began her career in education developing curriculum, teaching in middle school science, and mentoring teachers and students for science fairs. She received her Ph.D. in Science Education from University of California, Santa Cruz, and a M.A. in CTE from Stanford University.