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Vielka Hoy

CEO and Founder of Bridge to College Inc

New York University, Bachelor's of Science in Social Studies Education
UCLA, Master of Arts in Afro-American Studies
University of Chicago, IL, Master of Arts in Social Sciences


Vielka Hoy is the founder and CEO of Bridge to College and Navega Powered by Bridge to College, a for-profit and not-for-profit educational technology companies that support underserved communities in accessing college with funding. She has also been a Social Science and Ethnic Studies teacher, department chair, and administrator for over twenty years, and has taught across the country and with the Peace Corps. Vielka earned her BS in Social Studies Education from NYU, MA in Afro-American Studies from UCLA, and MA in Social Studies from the University of Chicago. Vielka’s research interests include critical race theory, machine learning, and access to higher education.