CSET Professional Learning

Professional Learning Experiences

We offer blended (in-person and virtual) professional development models that include ongoing support for PK-16 teachers and instructional leaders. We place an emphasis on programs designed for school and district teams so that improvement happens beyond individual classrooms. We strive for teachers, schools, and most importantly for students, to realize maximum impact from our programs.

The research-informed design of CSET’s professional learning opportunities reflect this vision in many ways:

  • We focus on understanding instructional practices that improve learning.
  • We develop teachers as reflective practitioners who lead changes in their settings.
  • We build professional communities to sustain teachers for their entire careers.

Foundational Institutes

Our cross-content foundational institutes target advanced professional skills for teaching excellence with an emphasis on school and district teams.

6 August 2018

Designed for teaching teams to learn together, this interactive and intensive...

Content Deepening Courses

In community with teaching colleagues, academics, and expert practitioners, these content specific courses deepen teachers’ understandings of both subject matter and high leverage pedagogical strategies grounded in instructional equity.

9 July 2018

An in-person professional learning experience at Oregon Health Sciecnes University in Portland,...

24 July 2018

Join CLAS, the Stanford Graduate School of Education's Center to Support Excellence in Teaching...

6 August 2018

The Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching, and...

Professional Learning Design Labs

CSET is proud to introduce our Professional Learning Design Labs.  Developed by CSET graduate students, these research-based courses offer unique experiences for teachers to become co-creators of their own professional learning.  This offers an incredible opportunity to give input on how research is bridged with practice in a way that is relevant to each teacher’s particular setting.

30 July 2018

This course seeks to position graduate researchers and teachers in partnership with one another...

24 September 2018

Discuss how the ideas and calls to action put forth in Zaretta Hammond's Culturally...


Our fellowships are multi-year, application-based professional learning experiences that consist of annual on-campus institutes and regular virtual coaching throughout the year. Explore and apply to our fellowships below.

A two-year professional learning experience for high school educators building excellence in...

22 August 2018

Wipro Expands Science Education Fellowship Program for US School Teachers