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Emily Southerton

Doctoral Student

I am a 3rd-year doctoral candidate in the Learning Sciences and Technology Design (LSTD) and Curriculum and Teacher Education (CTE) programs at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. I study the design of social learning experiences and technologies which promote youth voice, agency, equity, and democratic learning. I currently center that work within the context of K-12 writing classrooms. I am advised by Sarah Levine and John Willinsky and am a member of the Poetic Media Lab at Stanford's Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis as well as a researcher with the Language to Literacy Lab and the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET) within the GSE. I mentor at the GSE makerspace and TA for Stanford’s Teacher Education Program (STEP). Before coming to Stanford, I worked in the field of education for eight years in which I taught middle school Humanities and Computer Science and I created the Poet Warriors Project, a digital publishing platform that amplifies the work of youth poets from low-income schools across the country: www.poetwarriorsproject.com.