Technology for Equity in Learning Opportunities (TELOS)


TELOS (Technology for Equity in Learning Opportunities) is an initiative of the Stanford Graduate School of Education. The guiding assumption underlying our efforts is that technology has the potential to increase access to high quality learning opportunities but that this will not happen without the intentional design and study of technologies, learning environments, and policies. The complexity of these issues requires collective efforts from multiple stakeholders and the TELOS initiative is designed to advance this work.

The potential benefits of educational technologies are limited by unequal access to devices, broadband connections, and opportunities to learn how to use them. School leaders, pre- and in-service teachers, parents and students need opportunities to learn to find, use, create, critique, and curate high quality digital content.  Creators of technologies and leaders can support more equitable access by design and can benefit from collaborative work with researchers and educators. Our primary goals for the five-year initiative are to:

  • Catalyze collaborative research efforts at the intersection of TELOS both within and beyond Stanford;

  • Facilitate the design, building, testing, and scaling of technology for learning;

  • Prepare K-12 education leaders and teachers to use educational technology in support of effective teaching and learning;

  • Shape the discourse in this arena by widely disseminating the results of our efforts and by serving as a convening force in the field.