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Jennifer Langer-Osuna

Assistant Professor



Dr. Langer-Osuna's research focuses on the nature of student identity and engagement during collaborative mathematical activity, and the ways in which authority and influence are constructed in interaction. Recent work has focused on developing theoretical and analytic tools to capture the construction of marginalization and privilege in patterns of student engagement, and the spread of ideas in student-led collaborative work. Her work has been published in the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Journal of the Learning Sciences, Mathematics Education Research Journal, Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education, among other outlets. Professor Langer received a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, and M.A. and Ph.D from University of California, Berkeley.

CSET Publications

Langer-Osuna, J. (2017).  Authority, identity, and collaborative mathematics.  Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 48(3), 237-247.

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