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Jonathan Osborne

Professor Emeritus




Graduate School of Education

Professor Osborne’s research interests include attitudes toward and understandings of science by students and the public, discourse in the pedagogy of the science classroom, and language and literacy in science teaching. At CSET, Professor Osborne oversees the Reading for Understanding in Science professional-development program, serves as a CSET board member, and is the CSET liaison to the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP). He holds a degree in Physics from Bristol University; a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Cambridge University; a Master of Science degree in Astrophysics from Queen Mary College, London University; a Post-Graduate Diploma in Computing from North London Polytechnic; and a PhD from the University of London.

CSET Publications

Fishman, Evan J., Borko, H., Osborne J., Gomez Zaccarelli, F., Rafanelli, S., Reigh, E., Tseng A., Million, S., Berson, E. (2017).  A Practice-Based Professional Development Program to Support Scientific Argumentation From Evidence in the Elementary Classroom.  Journal of Science Teacher Education. doi: 10.1080/1046560X.2017.1302727

Osborne, J. F., Borko, H., Fishman, E., Gomez Zaccarelli, F., Berson, E., Busch, K. C., ... & Tseng, A. (2019). Impacts of a practice-based professional development program on elementary teachers’ facilitation of and student engagement with scientific argumentation. American educational research journal56(4), 1067-1112.

Gómez Zaccarelli, F., Schindler, A. K., Borko, H., & Osborne, J. (2018). Learning from professional development: A case study of the challenges of enacting productive science discourse in the classroom. Professional Development in Education44(5), 721-737.

Borko, H., Zaccarelli, F. G., Reigh, E., & Osborne, J. (2021). Teacher facilitation of elementary science discourse after a professional development initiative. The Elementary School Journal121(4), 561-585.

Osborne, J., Oskarsson, M., Serder, M., Sjøberg, S. (2017). The PISA Science Assessment for 2015 and the Implications for Science Education: Uses and Abuses. 191-203. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-58685-4_15.

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