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Matthew Wilsey

Assistant Professor


Matthew Wilsey is an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Science Education in the Center for STEM Education at the University of Notre Dame. Matt’s research explores what factors influence the instructional practices that beginning and early-career science teachers use in the classroom. Drawing upon his own experiences as a secondary science teacher, he is interested in how schools function as teacher educators, and how to support teachers’ negotiation of varying perspectives on science teaching across time and place. Matt earned his Ph.D. in science education from Stanford University, his M.Ed. through the Alliance for Catholic Education program at the University of Notre Dame, and his B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Notre Dame.

CSET Publications

Rafanelli, S., Borko, H., Kloser, M., & Wilsey, M. (2018). From focusing on grades to exploring student thinking: A case study of change in assessment practice. In Cases of Teachers' Data Use (pp. 63-79). Routledge.

Wilsey, M., Kloser, M., Borko, H., & Rafanelli, S. (2020). Middle school science teachers’ conceptions of assessment practice throughout a year-long professional development Experience. Educational Assessment25(2), 136-158.

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