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As a research center in the Stanford Graduate School of Education, CSET is in a unique position to provide extraordinary support for schools and districts. We draw upon our faculty’s research knowledge, the expertise of our staff, and our numerous partnership experiences to benefit schools and districts in meaningful ways.

Most significantly, we focus on improving instructional practice through research-based professional learning experiences that are adaptable to the specific contextual needs of schools and districts. By tailoring our professional learning to district goals, we are able to support the growth of teachers as leaders in the classroom. Additionally, administrators partnering with CSET have the opportunity to leverage our expertise to address problems of educational practice particular to their domain.

Our Partnerships

Learn about the ways that we collaborate with our partners.

Our Research

Learn more about our projects and the research we do.

CSET's Professional Learning Experiences

Learn more about professional learning for practitioners.

Pondering Excellence in Teaching

Check out videos of our Pondering Excellence in Teaching talks.  These talks are open to the public and occur during the academic year.