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CSET bridges research and practice by designing professional learning experiences and researching the effect of those experiences while keeping equity at the center of our work. Teachers who participate in our professional learning benefit from our focus on core practices of instructional improvement. These core practices consist of strategies and moves that can be analyzed and learned by teachers, contain identifiable components fundamental to teaching, include both general and content specific practices, underlie many different curricula or approaches to teaching, and are central to student learning. Our professional learning experiences also equip teachers with the leadership skills to address transformational instructional improvement in their settings, reflecting our belief that teachers should be empowered to practice leadership and make real change that ensures equitable learning opportunities for all students.

In addition to our professional learning experiences, CSET positions itself as a gateway to the vast research and content expertise of Stanford’s faculty and its vibrant academic environment. As such, we offer opportunities for the general public to engage and communicate with our experts in our Pondering Excellence in Teaching speaker series.

CSET's Professional Learning Experiences

Find out more about our upcoming professional learning experiences.

Pondering Excellence in Teaching

Check out videos of our Pondering Excellence in Teaching talks.  These talks are open to the public and occur during the academic year.