CSET Professional Learning

The Hollyhock Fellowship Program

Hollyhock was a fellowship program offering transformational professional learning to early-career high school teachers aimed at improving instructional practice and longevity in the classroom. Alongside this two-year fellowship, Hollyhock offered leadership development for graduates of the program and professional learning and community for school leaders of participating schools. 

Over the course of 8 cohorts, who each spent two years learning with us, the Hollyhock Program fulfilled its goals of supporting teachers to improve their practice in service of student learning and remain in the classroom longer. The goals that guided the program were: 

  • Core Teaching Practices: Improve instruction by focusing on a carefully selected set of core teaching practices and developing the role of teacher as a thoughtful instructional decision-maker.  
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Strengthen pedagogical content knowledge and deepen disciplinary content knowledge (Math, History, Science, or English) 
  • Equitable Learning Opportunities: Develop equitable learning opportunities for all students by co-creating emotional, physical, and virtual learning spaces that are critical, humanizing, and engaging. 
  • Professional Community: Build professional community at four levels: the school team, content area subgroup, Hollyhock fellowship, and the teaching profession. 


Hollyhock Fellowship Program

The Hollyhock Fellowship welcomes high school teachers from across the country who are interested in deepening and developing their content-specific instructional practices and creating equitable access and opportunities for all learners in their classrooms.

Hollyhock Leading Fellows

The Hollyhock Leading Fellows’ Program (HLF) builds on the work of the Hollyhock Fellowship Program (HFP) by selecting a subset of graduating/graduated Hollyhock Fellows who are poised to make a significant difference within and beyond their own classrooms as leading teachers.

Hollyhock School Leaders

The goal of the Hollyhock School Leaders Institute is to share the Hollyhock Fellowship program with leaders of Hollyhock schools such that they may maximize the experience of their teacher fellows and leverage fellows’ learning across the larger school context.