George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) | Equity in Science Education

Phase I of this project was helmed by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) which co-developed with GLEF a math and science project-based learning curriculum with embedded performance assessments and associated PD with 6th grade teachers.

Phase II expanded the partnership to include SFUSD, SCALE, CSET, SRI, and Digital Promise and targeted the following goals: Developing and revising middle school science curriculum (6th, 7th, and 8th grades), supporting changes in instructional practice by developing a PD model with Teacher Leaders, and studying the processes using the lens of improvement science.

In April 2020, Lucas Education Research (a division of the George Lucas Educational Foundation) hosted their annual colloquium virtually. Members from our team presented an overview of our project including the research-practice partnership, curriculum, professional development, and research findings. Click to view the virtual presentation.