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Rebecca Deutscher

Senior Research Associate



Dr. Rebecca Deutscher has worked as a Senior Research Associate at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education since 2014. She has served as a project director and researcher on a variety of projects in areas that include digital personalized learning, literacy/social-emotional curriculum implementation, and middle school math & science curriculum development/professional learning. Dr. Deutscher previously worked at the Lawrence Hall of Science as the lead evaluator on various science and technology programs in both formal and informal learning environments. She also worked at a charter school researching and evaluating programs on parent involvement, motivation, achievement, hands-on learning, and teachers’ perspectives on an inquiry-based astronomy program. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Arizona State University, a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from San Diego State University, and a B.A. from University of California, Davis.

CSET Publications

Borko, H., Carlson, J., Deutscher, R., Boles, K. L., Delaney, V., Fong, A., Jarry-Shore, M., Malamut, J., Million, S., Mozenter, S., & Villa, A. M. (2021). Learning to lead: An approach to mathematics teacher leader development. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education19, 121-143.

Dyer, E. B., Jarry-Shore, M., Fong, A., Deutscher, R., Carlson, J., & Borko, H. (2023). Teachers’ engagement with student mathematical agency and authority in school-based professional learning. Teaching and teacher education121, 103881.

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