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Alissa Fong

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Alissa Fong serves as a Professional Development Associate and an Instructional Math Coach for the Hollyhock Fellowship Program.  She is also on the Stanford Problem Solving Cycle project, which is a collaboration between CSET and San Francisco Unified School District that focuses on developing professional learning communities, deepening mathematical content knowledge, and exploring new pedagogical practices. Prior to her work at CSET, Fong taught mathematics for eleven years in California public high schools.  She is a National Board certified teacher and a graduate of the STEP program.

CSET Publications

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Dyer, E. B., Jarry-Shore, M., Fong, A., Deutscher, R., Carlson, J., & Borko, H. (2023). Teachers’ engagement with student mathematical agency and authority in school-based professional learning. Teaching and teacher education121, 103881.

Borko, H., Carlson, J., Mangram, C., Anderson, R., Fong, A., Million, S., Mozenter, S., Villa, A.M. (2017). The role of video-based discussion in a model for preparing professional development leaders. International Journal of STEM Education, 4:29. doi: 10.1186/s40594-017-0090-3

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