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All Together Now: Collaborative Analysis of Student Work

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Emily Davis, Ph.D., is the Lead Program Consultant for Mentor Professional Development with the Silicon Valley New Teacher Project. Dr. Davis’s work focuses on the development of effective mentoring and peer coaching practices for supporting teachers in culturally and linguistically diverse schools.

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SSTI 2013
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All Together Now: Collaborative Analysis of Student Work - Designed for teacher leaders, instructional coaches, and those working with teams of teachers at any level of education
The Common Core State Standards provide educators with a new opportunity to re-imagine teaching and learning in fresh new ways. The new standards set high expectations and leave room for educators to determine what tools and knowledge will be most meaningful in guiding students to meet these new goals. While this is an exciting new opportunity, understanding and implementing a new set of standards like the Common Core can be a daunting task. Teachers—individually and collectively—need to deeply understand what these standards look like in practice, how to gather and effectively analyze data about what their students can do in relation to those standards, and how to adjust their instruction accordingly. Fortunately, we don’t have to take on this challenge by ourselves. In this four-day course, participants will learn how to leverage instructional teams to unpack the Common Core State Standards and strengthen teaching and learning by engaging in ongoing cycles of student work analysis. We will explore why teachers might use a Common Core lens to engage together in sustained inquiry around student work; learn how to choose from and facilitate a set of flexible protocols to guide focused collaborative analysis; develop tools and strategies to promote meaningful conversations with peers about student work at all stages of the inquiry process; anticipate and know how to address common challenges associated with teacher collaboration; and explore resources that support understanding of and planning with the new standards. Throughout the course, participants will have an opportunity to authentically engage with the material and each other as well as plan how to implement these ideas in their contexts.