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Hollyhock Leading Fellows

The Hollyhock Leading Fellows’ Program (HLF) builds on the work of the Hollyhock Fellowship Program (HFP) and the former Alumni-in-Residence (AIR) by selecting a subset of graduating/graduated Hollyhock Fellows who are poised to make a significant difference within and beyond their own classrooms as leading teachers. HLFs engage in a rigorous series of in-person and virtual learning sessions over the course of a year to become successful leading fellows who facilitate transformative professional learning experiences for early-career teachers based on their own classroom work as a teacher. The arc of HLF learning includes:
Phase 1: Deepen knowledge about transformative professional learning experiences
Phase 2: Practice facilitating transformative professional learning experiences
Phase 3: Design and enact transformative professional learning experiences
The program goals for the  Hollyhock Leading Fellows will demonstrate that each HLF possesses the knowledge, skills, and commitment to further impact the teaching profession and extend the reach of the Hollyhock Fellowship Program.

  • Develop capacity to design and facilitate effective transformative learning experiences for other teachers
  • Understand the components of pedagogical content knowledge and disciplinary knowledge and integrate these into teachers’ cycles of planning, rehearsal, instruction, and reflection
  • Articulate a clear stance about equity and student learning and use this stance when designing effective transformative learning experiences
  • Build professional community at the school site, among the HLF, and within the teaching profession

2017 Hollyhock Leading Fellows

2016 Alumni-in-Residence