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Nearly half of all teachers leave the classroom within five years. In schools that serve low-income students, the turnover is even higher—leaving the most vulnerable students with the least experienced teachers. The Hollyhock Fellowship Program addresses these complicated educational realities by encouraging and supporting highly motivated, early-career high school teachers to persist and thrive in the classroom by providing them with rich learning opportunities with colleagues nationwide.

A two-year professional development experience building excellence in teaching.

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Program Details

The fellowship is a competitive program that selects teacher candidates from across the country. Applicants apply with at least two other teachers from the same high school and make a commitment to remain at their current school for the duration of the two-year fellowship so that they can support one another in the process of growth as educators. Applications are reviewed carefully in an effort to create a diverse fellowship class in regard to school context, geography, and teacher experience. Space is limited each year to 100 participants per cohort, ideally split evenly among the four content areas.

Features of the Fellowship

  • A 2-year program of professional development
    • 2 weeks in residence each summer at Stanford U. with workshops focused on teaching one’s core content area & examining issues of equity in schools
    • Online coaching sessions throughout each school year with expert practitioners & peers
  • A $2000 stipend for participation
  • Travel, room, and board expenses paid during each summer residency
  • Continuing education credits

Criteria for Selection

Highly qualified applicants will have
  • Between 2-7 years of teaching experience in science, math, history, or English
  • A teaching position at a high school where >50% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch
  • At least two or more colleagues from the same school who also apply
  • A belief in equitable outcomes for all students
  • Commitment to professional growth as a classroom teacher
  • Support from school administration


Hollyhock Fellow Perspectives

“I had an amazing experience at Hollyhock this past summer. First, it gave me an opportunity to bond with people outside of my department, pushing me to understand the experience of other areas. Also, It was the first time I was given content-specific professional development, and it pushed me to think deeply about what it means to be a social studies teacher. It had me reorient what my goals were for my classroom, but also gave me specific, achievable steps to take in order to do it. I look forward to sharing this information with the rest of the social studies department, and hope that we can continue to send more people from our school toHollyhock! The best part about it is that I know I will get to work with my coaches through the year, and also have the opportunity to return next year!”

-Elizabeth Calvert-Kilbane, 2015 History Hollyhock Fellow KAPPA International HS

"Since I was going to be entering into my seventh year of teaching this fall, I was skeptical I would gain a lot of new knowledge while attending the Hollyhock Institute. However, I could not have been more wrong! Not only was I able to make some lifelong friends, I was able to profoundly deepen my content knowledge and gain awareness on how to create equity for all of my students. I have been able to see a growth in my teaching and connection to students that would have not been possible without the skills and training I received at Hollyhock. Now, just like the Hollyhock flower, I am able to adapt to any need of my learners and truly be the teacher they need me to be. "

-Tony Morales, 2015 History Hollyhock Fellow from Chalmette High School

“The Hollyhock Fellowship Program provided the support we needed to honestly reflect on our personal beliefs and pedagogical philosophies.  We were reminded of why we decided to become teachers and inspired by a cohort of others who share common beliefs about the power of education for our students.  We know that our students will benefit from the resources we acquired and the support the fellowship will provide us.”

-Sarah Gregg & Sarah Streitz,  2014 Math Hollyhock Fellows from Thomas Edison HS

“Hollyhock gave us the opportunity to become something more than just teachers working in the same building together. We became friends. We became family. The sessions at Hollyhock forced us to discover something we knew subconsciously, but we had to put it out on the table and discuss it. The four of us are all great teachers, we have our own styles, we are each leaders who have earned the respect of our colleagues, and we all are in it for the same singular cause. Our students. The young minds we shape each day. Hollyhock showed us we were not alone in the cause. It showed us there are great teachers across the United States with the same feelings, motivations, and love for education that we have. Hollyhock built a bond between the four of us and 103 other teachers that can't be broken and will only be made stronger through a shared vision of teamwork, teaching, and education being the key to a student’s success.”

- from JahB Prescott, 2015 English Hollyhock Fellow from Freedom High School