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Increasing English Learners' Level of Participation to Improve Learning

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Patrick Hurley is a twenty-year veteran secondary English and ELD teacher. He is a lecturer in the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) and is currently a Teacher-in-Residence with the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP) Institute, working with teachers in San Francisco, Boston, Austin and New York City. He is an author and trainer of SERP’s Word Generation and Advancing Academic Language for All programs.

Designed for teachers of all grades who have students who are learning English

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Increasing English Learners' Level of Participation to Improve Learning

Course Description: The Common Core State Standards for ELA and Math, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards, have identified the discipline-specific practices that are essential for college and career readiness. English Language Learners will benefit from these practices, as they require students to use each other’s thinking as a resource for their own learning. This increase in classroom interactions will provide models of academic language, as well as additional opportunities for ELs to practice discipline- specific language. This session will help teachers support their ELs so that they can successfully participate in classroom discourse, as well as access the challenging texts from which students are expected to gather information and evidence for these discussions. Topics include:

  • Understanding the features of academic language beyond vocabulary 
  • Creating effective academic interactions in the classroom 
  • Identifying language demands of classroom activities 
  • Practicing talk moves for improved classroom discourse 
  • Creating formative assessments for academic language 
  • Providing peer observation tools for improving practice