Hollyhock Research


Hollyhock Research is comprised of research studies that examine various aspects of the Hollyhock Fellowship Program which focuses on supporting early career secondary teachers in high needs schools. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • An examination of the relationship between the PD and how English teachers take up the practice of facilitating discussions of literary text.  

  • Study of how teaching the English Fellows (n=58) an affect-based approach to literary interpretation across the domains of reading, writing, and speaking and listening will enable them to impact struggling readers’ abilities to unlock texts.

  • A study of growth and change of fellows over time based on consistent and timely feedback.

  • An exploration of how the core practice of facilitating productive discourse was taught across different content areas.

  • A study of how teachers who engage in video-based coaching reflect on their teaching practice and in particular, what they notice in their video tagging.